We are the mavericks of hype

Activate Hype is a Chicago-based creative marketing agency powered by the generation of now, the trends of tomorrow, and the hunger for more.

“Activate Hype” is a call-to-action and a commitment to creating quality content and painting outside of the lines as we challenge the old and lead with the new.

We are engaging, always on, hustlers, disruptors, entrepreneurs, and creative visionaries that have set out to make an impact in the world. We aren’t scared to bend the rules of branding and we make sure to pave our own way towards marketing success.


Activate Hype or Die Trying

Hype doesn’t come naturally, it’s earned. What will you do to create it? Better yet, what will you do to keep it?

Activate Hype wants to work with those tenacious enough to infuse a fresh creative approach to their brand + business. We're constantly working to push culture forward and have set out to innovate on all fronts.

It’s time to trust the process and believe in the hype.